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photo I have had the amazing privilege of attending the Chautauqua Institution as a music student for three summers, and as fulfilling as the music program is, my experience was enhanced by magnificent proportions by the Connections program. The people who "adopted" me each time were not only great people, but they took a genuine interest in getting to know me and who I am. They supported me at concerts, had me over for meals, and spent a lot of time making me feel at home away from home. I will always be thankful for the Connections program, and for the people that I had the opportunity to come to know and love.
- Rufus Olivier, MSFO bassoonist

Chautauqua Connections began in 2002 to provide non-financial support to Orchestra, Voice, Piano, and Dance students. In 2013, we added Chautauquan Daily interns to the group, both writers and photographers. In 2015, we will add the 4 religion department APIA coordinators: One Jew, one Christian, and two Muslims. We match Chautauqua individuals or families with students (often in pairs) for mutually enjoyable activities.

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