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photo Participating in Connections is one of our major enjoyments at Chautauqua. We have "adopted" voice students since the Connections program began, and have met and gotten to know not only our Connections, but their friends and colleagues as well. There is something truly exciting about seeing and hearing these young artists at the beginning of what they hope will be successful careers, and this is only magnified by getting to know them well. We have continued to see a number of our past connections and their friends, off season, in performances in New York and Philadelphia, and hope to keep track of them as their careers advance. Through Connections we have gotten to know some very interesting people. A highlight last year, for example, was one of our Connections, Tharanga Goonetilleke, cooking a Sri Lankan meal at our house. We hosted a true international group of young singers at dinner that night including, in addition to Tharanga, students from Barbados, Korea, China, Poland, and the US. Where else but at Chautauqua!?
- Joe and Toni Goldfarb, Voice student sponsors

As a sponsor, you have only two "requirements":

  1. To attend performances and recitals by your students whenever possible.
  2. To be a FRIEND to your students.

Some possible activities with your adopted students:

  • Invite them for meals or refreshments, etc.
  • Pick up items at grocery or drugstore -- or take the student to do an errand.
  • Offer to let them use washing machine or to let them "hang out" at your house.
  • Take them care packages of fruit or cookies or snacks.
  • Attend a lecture or concert with them.

Sponsors: Contact Susan Helm . Let us know how to reach you, including your home address and phone, Chautauqua address and phone (and box number). Tell us which discipline appeals to you (Orchestra, Piano, Voice, Dance, or Chautauquan Daily interns), and whether you would be willing to sponsor two students or just one.

Questions? Contact Susan Helm at