Chautauqua Connections
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photo I have been a student in the summer music program at Chautauqua every summer since 2005. Each summer has been full of special moments, but there are some things that I particularly enjoy: the rich, nurturing atmosphere, the incredible music, and the reunion with my Chautauqua Connections. Over the past few summers my Chautauqua Connections have been my cheering section, my home away from home, and my link to experiencing Chautauqua and the local area on a new level. We've gone from being summer strangers to year-long friends, staying in touch via phone calls and email. Every summer, my connections supported me at performances, opened their home to me as a "stress-free" refuge, and encouraged my musical endeavors. However, they also broadened my horizons beyond music, introducing me to a host of other members of the community, inviting me to various activities, and taking me on occasional outings to Jamestown or Mayville. The Chautauqua Summer Music School is a top-notch festival, and the Chautauqua Connections program matches it in excellence. The combination of these two make any summer at Chautauqua an unforgettable experience
- Tabitha Boxerman, Piano student

In 2015, all students will be "connected" unless they opt out by contacting Susan Helm. We will ask parents of students under 18 for written consent.

Questions? Contact Susan Helm at